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How to Get the Right Size When Shopping for Clothes Online

December 26, 2019

Let’s face it: Shopping for clothes online can be a gamble. Sizes vary widely across different stores and brands, and sometimes the measurement chart is confusing. Moreover, sending back the wrong size can be a major hassle.

So what should you do when it comes to deciphering sizes and making sure that everything fits?
Here we will lead you in the right direction and help you nab the right size.
Some online stores, such as ASOS or Moosejaw, offer an intelligent “Size Guide” for shoppers to pick up the right size in the most reliable way. You just have to spend 20 seconds in providing your height, weight, age, size and brand of the clothes that you normally wear, etc, to discover the best size for you.
Such an intelligent tool is, of course, free-of-charge. This means you can make purchases directly on the site once you have found your best size, or just run away if there are better prices on other websites. Scroll down and check out how can you use the online tool to find your perfect fit!

How to Get a Perfect Fit When Shopping Online

Moosejaw is an online store that offers a lot of popular outdoor and sport brands, like The North Face, Adidas, Arc’teryx, Carhartt, Columbia, Patagonia, Fjallraven and other 400+ top brands.

Step 1

Don’t trust Amazon’s size chart, or don’t have anything to measure size? Find the item you want on Moosejaw instead!

Step 2

Found the product your want? Click “Find Your True Fit”

*True Fit is available for clothes from the most of the brands. If you couldn’t see it on the product page, this means the feature is not supported yet for the item your have chosen.

Step 3

Click “Get Started”

Step 4

Enter your height, weight, and age.

Step 5

Choose the brand you normally wear

Step 6

Enter the size of the branded clothes you normally wear

Step 7

Ta-Da! Here’s the perfect fit for you! As easy as a pie!

Step 8

To get a more accurate size reference, click “Profile Strength” in the lower-left corner, then pick the right descriptions for stomach and shoulders

With the size guide, you can now shop for clothes online without worries! The only problem is Moosejaw charges high international shipping to Australia, so what’s next? You can ship it to Buyandship US warehouse for free, and we’ll help you ship it to your doorstep at a more affordable price! (Save 55% OFF on shipping fee!)