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(Updated on 18 Feb) US Shipments Latest Updates

February 18, 2020

US Shipment Latest Updates

Affected by the outbreak of coronavirus in Asia, most US air freight carriers to Asia have experienced serious seat shortages, resulting in a large number of shipments have been piled up in carrier’s warehouse waiting to be shipped. At the same time, there is still a large number of shipments in the US warehouse, so the warehouse check-in process will take an additional 2-4 days to complete. and we hope users can wait patiently.

To improve the transparency of the shipment status, we have updated the system over the weekend. Users can check the latest locations of the declared shipments on the “Parcel Management” page.

For the past two weeks, we have been negotiating with the air freight carrier. The 9 batches of shipments currently stranded at Anchorage transit station will arrive in Hong Kong and be delivered to Hong Kong central warehouse starting later today. Due to the shipments have arrived at the transit station, it is currently not possible to pay an extra fee to speed up the delivery. In this regard, we are continuing to discuss with the carrier and hope that there will be a more ideal plan in the next few days.

As for the 60 batches of shipments that are currently in Seattle, because they have not yet arrived at Anchorage transit station, we have immediately paid 10 times the original price of the air freight in exchange for priority seats to expedite the shipments to Hong Kong. At the same time, we are also looking for other air freight carriers and various ways to get the shipments in the US warehouse to Hong Kong central warehouse as soon as possible.

Although we have already processed the shipment as soon as possible through multiple channels and methods, due to the uncertainty of the actual shipment arrival time, if your shipment has already arrived in Hong Kong warehouse and hope to receive it soon, we suggest you create an order as soon as possible.

Buyandship thank you for your support and understanding. We will do our best to get your shipment to you as soon as possible.