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3-Min Read – How Buyandship Helps Ship Your Items from US, UK, Japan, Korea, etc at a Much Lower Cost?

May 29, 2020

Wow, that’s so much cheaper than buying in Australia!

How many times have you uttered this very sentence while you’re browsing international online shopping websites? We’re sure you’re no stranger to disappointments when it comes to international shipping. Some online stores don’t ship to Australia directly and even if they do, most of them cost an arm and a leg!

Are you looking for a more affordable alternative to international shipping? Then you’ve come to the right place! Let Buyandship blow your international shipping woes away with our parcel forwarding service. We help you shop from all over the world without paying through your nose to ship them back to Australia.

About Buyandship

Founded in 2014, Buyandship serves over 900,000 members in APAC today and has shipped over 3.5 million parcels since our establishment. See what our users say about their experience with us!

Our Headquarter in Hong Kong & self-operated warehouses in U.S. and Japan

Where can I shop from?

The world is your oyster with Buyandship. Shop from the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Taiwan with ease. Just send your items to the closest overseas warehouse address!
*Our Hong Kong shopping address is temporarily closed to prevent illegal activities. Read More*

How much do I need to pay to use Buyandship?

To be a Buyandship member is FREE. And best of all, you will receive AU$10 free shipping credits upon completion of the account verification! Sign up now to enjoy these benefits and make overseas online shopping more accessible to you.

*Terms and condition apply

Our shipping rate is easy to understand – it is AU$22 for the first 2lbs and AU$10 for every additional lb after the first 2lbs. Remember we only charge based on your item’s actual weight and there is no base charge or handling fee!

Why Buyandship is Your No.1 Choice

Take a look at the price comparison below and discover how much you can save with Buyandship.

#GST on Shipping included; GST on Value of Good excluded.
*Due to the significant reduction in the no. of flights globally, delivery time may be affected.
^Prices may change over time and are for reference only.
Parcel Forwarder Price for 2lbs Parcel from US# Price for 3lbs Parcel from US# Delivery Time* Parcel Consolidation
Buyandship AU$22.00 (US$14.45) AU$32.00 (US$21.00) 9-12 Days* Free
ShxpMxte AU$36.15 (US$23.75) AU$41.60 (US$27.30) 5-8 Days Extra Cost
MxUS AU$33.50 (US$21.99) AU$42.65 (US$27.99) 7-14 Days Extra Cost
Plxnet Expxxss AU$38.90 (US$25.55) AU$48.10 (US$31.60) 13-15 Days Extra Cost
Shxpxto AU$46.45 (US$30.51) AU$54.60 (US$35.84) 4-9 Days Extra Cost
USGxBxy AU$40.00 (US$26.26) AU$56.30 (US$36.96) 8-15 Days Extra Cost
ShxpUxA AU$45.70 (US$30.00) AU$50.25 (US$33.00) 4-8 Days Extra Cost
Stxckxy AU$55.30 (US$36.30) AU$70.70 (US$46.43) 6-15 Days Extra Cost