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Price Reduction on shipments from Hong Kong

September 3, 2021

Price Reduction on shipments from Hong Kong

To thank you for your great support to Buyandship, we are going to provide a special offer on pricing to you. Starting from now, you can enjoy a lower price on shipments from Hong Kong to Australia while fees charged on shipments from other regions remain unchanged.

Details of the new price are as follows.

To Australia From Hong Kong
From other regions/countries
First 2 lb AU $20 AU $24
Each Additional lb AU $8 AU $10

Please note that if you consolidate a shipment from Hong Kong and a shipment from another region, the delivery fee of this shipment order will be calculated by using the highest price.

For example, you have created a shipment order with Shipment A from Hong Kong & Shipment B from Canada. The delivery fee will be calculated by AU$24 for the first 2 lb and AU$10 for each additional lb.

Thanks for your support as always.