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Buyandship is proud to partner with Drop, an American startup that is designing products differently. Since 2012, Drop collaborates with leading brands and passionate enthusiasts to develop unique, inventive, limited-edition products made of high-quality materials at best-of-internet prices. You’ll find collaborations with Sennheiser, Noble Kaiser, Naked & Famous, Mondaine, and many more. Check in at Drop Studio to see updates on upcoming limited editions. Feed your passion for quality apparel, mechanical keyboards, photography, cooking, watches, audio equipment, and more.

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Introducing the Drop Bounty Box

The Massdrop Mystery Box was a great success, and based on popular demand we’re bringing it back. Introducing, the Drop Bounty Box.
The Drop Bounty Box is a curated collection of high-end products from our Audiophile, Outdoors, EDC, and Tech/Gaming communities—from well-reviewed IEMs and powerful headlamps to proven folding knives, top-notch gaming mouses, Drop-exclusive headphones, and more. No matter what box you choose, you’ll get a collection of items worth more than what you paid. To make things even more interesting, some boxes will feature special Rare and Epic items!

JUN 20, 2019

The Most Modded Headphone Ever Just Got Even Better

AWe’re excited to announce that we’re working on a brand-new version of the Fostex T-X0, the T-X0 II, which uses a combination of parts from the original T-X0, and now the T50RP MK III. The first T-X0 was based on the famed MKII model and was made in a limited batch. Since that time, Fostex rolled out with an MKIII version and we are now in a position to bring back the T-X0 with some new refinements.

JUN 13, 2019

Mechanical Keyboards 101 – An Introduction To The Hobby

Let’s tackle the first and most obvious question here: “What’s the deal with these mechanical keyboards, and why in the hell would you pay $100+ for one?!” This simple question is unsurprisingly difficult to answer in many ways. Here’s one reason and a thousand words worth:

NOV 27, 2017